Thursday, 26 March 2015

The term of office of the Church

The term of office of the Church is to love God with all its heart, strength and mind and to love others like herself.

It is the mission of the Church to be a healthy church within the reach of all people,

•   by way of interpreting life through intentional reflection on the life of Christ,
   in the course of deliberate living a life of hospitality and reconciliation,

   through maturing congregations from first to last,
  • discipleship through intentional mentoring and teaching
•   commissioning prepared people to purposeful service,
  • within
  • outside
•   investing human and financial resources purposefully,
  • remembering that the church exist for the sake of others
•   communicate and celebrate through listening to and loving one another, and
•  finding continuously  new ways to connect unreached people with the gospel and us.
  • All persons are made uniquely in the image of God and possess intrinsic worth.
  • All persons have a need to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
  • All persons can be saved and begin a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • All persons have unique gifts to contribute to the kingdom.

  • The Church family is the foundation for the growth of the Kingdom of God on earth.
  • The Church family is the primary context for developing believers.
  • The Church family is to minister in Jesus' name to all people.
  • The Church family is to worship and serve God.
  • The Church is God’s primary instrument used to showcase His character of love and distribute His free grace to a dying world. 
    • You and I are living in that dying world while at the same time living in the kingdom of God.

  • Teamwork demonstrates and necessitates the diversity of spiritual gifts and personal competencies within the family of God.
  • Teamwork recognizes our dependence on God and each other.
  • Teamwork maximizes the leadership resources of the church.
  • Teamwork builds healthy inter-congregational community.
  • Teamwork affirms the gift of one another.
  • Teamwork appreciates diverse approaches and expression to accomplish our common vision and mission.

  • Unconditional love is grounded in the character of God.
  • Unconditional love establishes a framework for all relationships.
  • Unconditional love guides all strategies, actions and programs.
  • Unconditional love ensures the appropriate understanding of the other, of time, money, and energy.

  • Lifelong learning affirms the mystery of God
  • Lifelong learning happens only intentionally 
  • Lifelong learning prevents judgmentalism
  • Lifelong learning leads to growth.
  • Lifelong learning leads to creativity.
  • Lifelong learning leads to greater faithfulness to biblical essentials.
  • Lifelong learning increases competence.

  • Scripture calls for every church to grow.
  • Scripture calls for the evangelization of the unreached.
  • Scripture calls for loving others.
  • Scripture calls for every Christian to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ.
  • Scripture calls for every Christian to participate in the growth of the church.

  • God is generous to all. Becoming more like Him, we extend God's love through generosity to others.
  • Generosity is grace-enabled as we trust God in all circumstances.
  • Generosity is a source of joy and blessing as we join God in His ministry.
  • Generosity glorifies God and affirms Him as creator of everything.

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