Thursday, 4 December 2014

Witness to God's truth, grace and generosity

We are a community founded on truth and formed by truth and sustained by truth. For that reason our Yes need to be a Yes and our No need to be our No. But at the same time creation itself is founded, formed, and sustained by God's generosity and grace. If we began living more truthfully, gracefully, and generously , investing all we are and have in order to make this place a better place to live in for everyone, think about the witness this would be to our neighbours. Every neigbour around us should be able to say about us; ''I might not believe what they believe, but this place would be a much less livable community without them here, because of the way these people invest their time, talents and money to serve us.''  Imagine the impression the Church and Christians alike would give to people if we embodied God-centred truth and generosity in this way. Instead of weary, passive accommodation and acceptance of our shortcomings, there would be an active engagement with the power and the love of Christ to discover and apply the healing correction of truth across the spectrum of our lives, including grace and generosity. 
I think  it is one thing to have a rational understanding of God's truth, grace, and generosity but quite another to have a sense of God all around. How does my neighbour genuinely encounter this sense of God's truth, grace, and generosity all around but through us the church, God's people. We are the presents of truth, grace, and generosity, the instruments God has equipped and blessed for that purpose.  

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