Saturday, 29 November 2014

The right perspective

Often we start out with an experienced based perspective when reading Scripture, viewing anything that is recorded within the pages from what we know and how it make us feel. We are forgetting that even our best and most beautiful experiences, our greatest expression of love are marked simply by the fact that we are living in a broken world and we ourselves know only in part.

And so we need to allow Scripture, God's word, speak to us from a perspective that in some way is out of this world. Communication done well requires interaction, not just listening and interpretation but evaluating the interpretation in light of clarifying questions. Thing is, the “letter kills” but the Spirit makes the letter “come alive” beyond just printed words on a page. Reading God's word as God's word requires a relationship of interaction and so once again we are lead into an interdependent relationship with God; "Without me you can do nothing"even when reading an old book. Again something we all have in common.

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