Sunday, 26 October 2014

The church needs to become less a place but people who are clearly visible to the world. We need to be people who are faithful not only to our promises, but also to our purpose, one of which is to love our neighbour and our enemies alike. If we would indeed do that unconditionally, we would testify to the amazing community-restoring love of God. But how does that loving looks like, how does my neighbour experiences this love?
As we have moved into a new neigbourhood, I realize that to be a true question for me. The neigbours are nice, some even are attending churches, are professing Christians who "know" of each other for years, and now we are the new people on the block. How do we fit in, but in a way that shows love rather than the normal niceness that covers up our actual indifference? 
As we moved in, many people from the former church helped us . . .and to my surprise that alone was a testimony of a love that our new neighbour never had experienced. We had friends, and not just two or three who gave up hours and even days just to help us. Love was visible and active, but how is my love visible and active in my new neighbourhood?

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